Do Movies Give a False Sense of Reality About Love?

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The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Dear John, and Titanic are examples of movies that give individuals a false perception of what love truly is. There are some amazing love stories that many people will never get the chance hear or see because maybe it is not meant for them to know a particular couple’s love story. I really do enjoy watching romance movies because the main characters will fight through obstacles to be together. I had to come to the realization that movies are just that movies. I’m not saying that movies do not portray love in a good way, but there are some aspects of a romance in a movie that I do not agree with and you might too. Is it just me, but it seems like every time I watch a romance movies it just seems like I am watching something that is just too good to be true. I mean most relationships start off great because you are still getting to know the person, but the real test is when you start to find out who they really are.

For example, in the Twilight movie series, Bella was in love with a vampire named Edward. Bella was very in love with Edward and was willing to become a vampire so they both could be together forever. First off, there is no such thing as vampires and there is no way human beings can become immortal. I think as viewers we need to understand that just because a movie’s main characters fall hopelessly in love does not mean that they will stay together for the rest of their loves. Most movies only last for about 1 hour, which means that you can not possibly see each and every outcome a particular couple went through because the director edited out or did not include the reality of the relationship. There is no way possible I can edit out certain parts of my life and make other parts of my life seems as if I am perfect. Movies always depict what actually happens in real life because there goal is to get as many people as they can to support the movie. These actors and actresses get paid millions of dollars to play roles in movies and some may not realize the characters they are playing have a negative effect on society. People will literally go on a frenzy regarding a particular movie with two main characters who are destined to fall in love with another. One night stands, drugs, alcohol, are some of the representations I am getting from most romance movies these days. There are not too many movies where I see a couple waiting to have sex because they want to wait to their wedding night. Also, I do not see God in the center of these relationships in these popular movie franchises. There is no way a relationship can survive if God is not in the center of it.

One of my favorite movies is “The Story of Ruth” which is a love story from the book of Ruth in the bible. Ruth was a Moabite woman who worshipped idols and was a high priestess during her time. Ruth meets a man named Mahlon, who was a believer in Jesus Christ. Ruth began to learn a great deal about Christianity from Mahlon and saw her wrongdoing and decided to change her lifestyle. Mahlon and Ruth soon married, but their marriage was short lived because her husband had died. Ruth decided to travel with her mother-in law, Naomi, back to her homeland, which was Judah. Ruth had no idea that Judah was the place where her next husband was staying. Boaz was the man for Ruth and both grew to love and respect one another. Ruth had lost all hope, but God had sent her true love, which was Boaz. Ruth had waited on the Lord and God rewarded her and she became one of the ancestors of Jesus. Why is that secular movies get so much hype then biblical movies, is it because no one wants to hear the truth anymore. Secular movies will always manipulate people to believe they can pretty much do whatever they want to do and then ask God to bless them. God does not bless our wrongdoings, he gives us the opportunity to repent and learn from our mistakes. The reality of love is that you may get hurt in the process or may come across some people who make themselves as if they are your true love, but really they are impossters. It really is ridiculous how some actresses and actors will degrade themselves by playing in roles that are graphic and just shows how some people will doing anything to get a paycheck.

If a sex-scene is showed in a movie, then how is this of God. I just can not condone myself to watch movies with sex scenes because sex should between a husnad and wife and not for any and everyone to see. Sex is viewed as a hobby in society and has become a norm that non-comitted individuals who are not married can do. If any movie that you have watched promotes sex-before marriage then it is not the right movie to say portrays love. Majority of secular movies promote lust not love. They want you to believe that it is ok to sleep around with multiple people and not have a committment to one person. If you want to see a real portrayal of love read the bible or watch a movie about a biblical couple. To be honest you can not based love on the perceptions of man because some people may give you the wrong advice regarding love. God is the best love counselor and no movie can showcase love in the way that God can. Movies give a false sense of reality because it is selling a fantasy to people, not the truth. When you watch a romance movie do you really want to see the couple fuss, fight, breakup, cheat, or etc. The answer is no, you want to see a romance movie that shows how the couple beat all odds to be together. Real love does exists, but it takes time and patience for love to come. Real love does not come in the climax of a movie. Real love is about facing your fears with someone else and growing to cherish each other through the good and bad times. The devil wants you to believe that love does not exists, but it does. Love is more than watching a movie that is full of lust and lies. Movies are a form of entertainment just like a tv show, it is acting and dramatizing everything that occurs in real life.


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