Can You Find Your Soul-Mate With Online Dating?

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Online dating is practiced by individuals pursuing the idea of searching for a romantic partner through various dating sites such as eHarmony, Tinder, Match.com, Farmers Only, Christian Mingle, and etc. Why is online dating considered to be such a big trend in our society. Many people are becoming weary, impatient, or desperate to have a significant other in their lives. Many of these individuals are taking drastic measures to find love and are sacrificing their sanity and standards just to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. I know you may see commercials on a daily basis on how some couples met online and then got married, however everyone on a dating network will not have that same success. The problem I have with online dating sites is that it is making false advertisements regrading love and manipulating individuals to believe they actually can find love over the internet. I’m all about the old-fashioned and biblical aspect of courting, not dating. Dating is the world’s definition for seeking love. Courtship is a more serious and mature way of finding the one God has planned for you to be with at a specific time in your life.

This is what people need to understand about online dating, it is a depiction of what love really is. Love is not impatient and does not come when you want it to come. There is a collection of myths about love that several people may not be aware of. There are 10 myths about love.

Ten Myths About Love and Relationships

  1. Love at first sight (the Romeo and Juliet syndrome)
  2. Everyone is destined to get married one day.
  3. The honeymoon phase of a relationship does not last long
  4.  Mold your boyfriend/girlfriend to be who you want them to be
  5. Instantly knowing the moment when the right person will come into your life
  6. You can be in a monogamous relationship and not get married
  7. We are destined to be with one person for the rest our lives
  8. The happily ever after exists just like in the Disney movies
  9. Life is such more fulfilling when you fall in love
  10. Opposites may attract, but do not mesh well together


If you believe in any of these myths regarding love, then you are in big trouble because you clearly do not know what love is. Love is patient, kind, considerate, compassionate, and so much more than any words can ever describe it to be. Millions of people are participating in online dating, but only a few people actually get married from these sites and remain together. Do not waste your time getting onto a dating site because it is giving people the wrong advice about how to find love. There really is no way how to find love because love will find you. So many people are wasting their time trying to go on a scavenger hunt for someone who they might never find. God is the only matchmaker because he created all of mankind. You may think you know what you want in a spouse, but God knows actually what you need and when you possibly can be rewarded with it. Being jealousl and be envious of other people’s relationship will not get you anywhere, but down a road to self-destruction.  There is a lot of lust and temptation on online dating sites and you may end up attracting the wrong type of person. Going out on random dates can make you look desperate and make you seem like your are not waiting on God’s timing. Time will reveal all things and you do not know even if it is meant for you to be in a relationship.

Most women who get on online dating sites possibly have gotten to a point in their lives where they have grown tired of either dating the traditional way or really want to be loved because they feel like they are missing something from their life. I really can not speak from a man’s perspective to why they might get on a dating site, but it is probably to initiate a sexual relationship with a woman who is willing to do so. I will not allow myself to believe that online dating is ok because it is not. The principles that God has placed for mankind to follow has been ignored and instead people have started to take up worldly customs instead. Who told you that online dating was good, it was not from God. There is no point going on dates with someone and you might be unsure of what their intentions are toward you. This world is filled with malicious people who are parasites looking for a host to leech off of and get whatever they want from you. Online dating can be very dangerous because you do not even know if this person is legit or not. There have been too many domestic violence or date-rape cases dealing with online dating. Don’t ever put your trust in a stranger, no matter how nice they may seem, you do not know them that well. Even if you do know a person well does not mean they will not play games with you.

Online dating can be full of traps for people to believe they are dating someone. You can’t date someone mainly online and call it a relationship. A relationship requires face-to-face contact and being able to communicate without feeling as though the other person is trying to be something they are not. Online dating works the same way as texting, you can text someone all day long, but the minute you meet the person there is no chemistry whatsoever. In the virtual world, you can be whoever you want to be. Basically online dating is full of catfishing. Catfishing is when a person fakes like they are another person to gain the attention of a particular person for their own odd reasons. God did not intend for us to date a variety of people, we were designed to be with one person, if it is your calling to be married. If you want to get married one day, do you think it is fair that you spending your time dating randoms while your future husband or wife is not doing anything, but waiting like you are suppose to be doing as well.


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