Do Employers Really Care About Whether or Not What College You Attended?

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Millions of college graduates go into the workforce having an optimistic and ambitious mindset, ready to tackle any obstacle that might be thrown their way. In a way many college graduates may feel a sense of hierarchy because they attended a particular school and might feel if someone who attended community college or online school is beneath them. Being that I have been a student at a public university and online school I can say for sure I have gotten quite a few stares because of being enrolled at an online institution. The minute I talk about my public university, some people seemed to feel as though I am on a pedestal because I was able to go to a four-year college. Is there really a difference between the degree you will get from a public, community, or online college. I never have looked at myself as better than anyone, but before enrolling in online school, I did think attending online school was for people who was not that smart. People make stereotypes all the time and may not realize it that they are being judgmental. I appreciate being in online school because it has taught me how to be more disciplined and that it really does not matter what school you get your degree from at the end of the day because a job is a job.

For example, Stacey is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She is applying to become a journalist at Seventeen Magazine in New York City and has big dreams of becoming an editor-an-chief for a major magazine company in the near future. Stacey maintained a G.P.A of 3.86 during entire four years of college and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. She also managed to land an all paid internship with Vogue magazine for the entire summer during her junior year of college. Stacey is confident that she will land the job at Seventeen Magazine because she is a hard-working and dedicated individual who strives for excellence and will accomplish as many goals as she can to prove to herself and others that she is able to do anything she puts her mind to achieving. Johanna is a recent graduate of Capella University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Art Institute. Johanna has maintained a G.P.A of a 4.0 throughout her three years at Capella as well as during her time at the Art Institute. Johanna has done various internships with Elle Magazine, Allure, and Cosmopolitan. Johanna was also apart of Phi Theta Kappa during her time in college. She had the honor and priviledge to become the valedictorian of graduating class. She is interested in applying as a fashion journalist for Elle Magazine in New York City. Here are two girls who have similar backgrounds in wanting to purse a career in the fashion industry, while one went to a public university, the other went to an online school and then enrolled into the Art Institute. Employers at any fashion magazine would be impressed with the amount of qualifications these two ladies have on their resume. I wanted to show this scenario because many people tend to stereotyple online students as being under-qualified to have a certain job title.

If you are passionate about being in the work-field, it should not make a difference into what school you attended for undergraduate or graduate years. Most employers do not care  about what school you were enrolled in, as long as you graduated, have a degree, and have the criteria to what a particular job position. I understand that being a college graduate and you want to show everyone that you are proud of your alumni and will tell pretty much anyone who will listen. I never will rub in the fact that I went to a certain school because I do not want to come off as being conceited and selfish. Everyone who has attended college has a different college experience and I think we all can learn a thing or two from individuals who attended a public university, community college, and online school. Not one type of college is better than the other because at the end of the day you still have to pay tuition, some school’s tuition more expensive than others. I am not ashamed to tell people that I go to an online school because I am furthering my education. I do not have to be actually on a college campus to get the college experience. Getting financial aid and applying for various internships and scholarships, completing assignments, and studying for upcoming exams should be enough to prove that I know how stressful college can  really be at times. I’m sure if you have been on an interview, you know how initmidating it can be in answering questions that you probably have rehearsed the night before. Most interviews last to up tp 5-10 minutes depending on the employer hosting the interview. I know the feeling of rejection when it seems like all your hardwork has been overlooked. I continue to push myself to keep applying to jobs and internships because I know one day I will hear a yes and will appreciate everything I had to do to get to that point.

You could have graduated from Harvard and Yale and still not get picked for a job. A degree is a piece of paper, it does not define who you are and what journey you are going to end up in as time passes by. If any college student is reading this I want you to know that just because someone tells you are not good enough does not mean it is true. You will hear many people say that you are not who they are looking for to fulfilled a certain job position, but use this as a stepping-stone to keep challenging yourself. There are plenty of things I want to accomplish in my life and I am not going to sit and wait for an opportunity to come my way. There are two types of people in this world, people who make things happen and people who wait for opportunities to come their way. Which type of person are you? You are the writer of your own life story, don’t let another person tell you who you are.

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