What High School Taught Me About Myself


I graduated from high school at the age of eighteen in May 2014. I was very nervous but prepared for the next chapter I would be facing in my life, which was college. High school was the time and place in my life where I felt as though I did not fit in with anyone and that no matter how hard I tried to make friends, it seemed as though I was on an entirely different level than most of my peers. What made my high school experience different from a lot of high school students was that I had just recently moved from my home state of Alabama to Tennesse. Moving to Tennessee when I was fourteen years old made me realized how much of a comfort zone I had living in Alabama. When you are pulled away from something you have done for so long, you think it would be so hard to adjust to new things, but for me moving wasn’t as bad as thought it would be. I went into high school with an optimistic mindset and believed I would learn a great deal of lessons that I could possibly apply to my own life one day. I think most people take high school as being a replica of movies such as Mean Girls, The Breakfeast Club, Cluessless, and Sixteen Candles as being the high school dream. Most movies showcasing high school usually will dramatizie  pratically everything that really goes in high school. Not every student is the captain of the football team, student body president, or head of the cheerleading squad. I was none of these students in high school. I considered myself to be a bank geek being that I played the flute and piccolo. I used to be ashamed to be in the band because it seemed like if you didn’t play sports or just wasn’t popular, then you were considered to be lame. Being a band student was the only activity in high school that I did for all four years.

Of course I excelled in all of my schoolwork because the assignments were not that much difficult for me to not pass. I took school very seriously and made sure to arrive to school on time and not be late for any of my classes. While most students in my class were taking Trig or Geometry, I was taking Pre-Calculus. I was even apart of the National Beta Club, but I rarely went to any of the meetings because I was too busy with being in the band. My favorite thing about high school was going to the football games. Each and every game, I was requirred to play in my school’s pep band, which I did not mind because the band always got in all of the games for free. It was just something about just being around my peers that just made me feel comfortable and not feel like someone is judging me because I am not in the same clique as them. That’s one thing I particularly disliked about high school was the cliques. People may have classified me to be in clique, but in my eyes I was not. No one could stereotype me to be something I was clearly not. It really got on my nerves that most of my peers saw me as being stuck-up and mean. I barely talked to a lot of people, so what odd reason made the majority of peers think I was stuck-up, I don’t know maybe they were curious because they knew nothing about me so they had to make something up. I guess it was that I was uninterested in the activities they used to participate in. I never felt pushed to be peer pressured to do what everybody else was doing. I was in my own lane doing whatever I wanted to do and did not care if anyone else liked it. I’m not going lie and say it did not bother me when people use to come up to me and say hurtful things without even ever having a conversation with me because it did. I think high school is filled with individuals who are too busy worried about what everyone else is doing and they need to worry about themselves. I was not get bullied or anything like that while in school, but time to time I would have someone try to test me and see what I would do and say. I am a lot calmer now then I was in high school. Pretty much if someone said something vulgar and disrespectful to me, I would retiliate and say something disrespectful back to them. I really did not know how to walk away from getting into a confrontation with others.

I was not in a relationship with anyone while I was in high school because I felt as though the guys at my school were very immature. Every teenage girl has a crush on someone, but it does not mean that you want to get involved with that person. I was too busy focused on my academics to even worry about liking someone. High school is filled with teenagers getting into relationships that will not last pass their prom or even graduation. It’s funny when you think about things you did as a kid and how you would never do anything of those things now as an adult. I use to depise Valentine’s Day in high school because it seemed like every girl had a Valentine, but me. Some girls would even go as far as to bring teddy bears, flowers, and balloons to school just to show people that they got something from their boyfriend. At one point I had become envious of others at my school and wanted everything that they had not realizing that what they had was a lie. Rumors constantly spread in high school about who is doing what, but most of the rumors could have been lies. I was so sick of seeing the same people all the time and hearing their drama that by the time graduation and rolled around I was so ready to leave and close this chapter of my life for good. I do not regret anything that I had experienced while I was in high school because it made become more responsible and look at life in a new perspective. High school was my gateway in helping me have confidence in myself and not be afraid to communicate with people. Moving to a new state to go to high school was the best decision my family could have ever made because it was utilized as a stepping-stone to become apart of my testimony.


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  1. School always have the best place in my life and heart. Thats the best time had. College is also good but I miss school. Well! That’s a very good read.
    Will glad to have your words at my latest post

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