Is Being Single Really a Curse or a Blessing?

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Being single in a society where everyone is pretty much promoting relationships can be very difficult at times. If you are not dating anyone and just focusing on your career and well-being, you can be viewed in society’s eyes as being lonely. As a Christian woman living in a secular society it can be very tempting at times to consider getting into a relationship with someone just to pass time, but really getting into a meaningless relationship will be detrimental to me in the long run. Everyone is not destined to get married and have children, so why is there so much pressure on singles to get in a relationship. In 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul promotes singleness because it gives individuals the chance to grow closer to God and discover what their God-given talents are. We are all were created for a purpose and sometimes we can get so caught up in doing what everyone else is doing, that we lose focus on what assignments we need to complete for our own life. I cherish being single now then I did ever before because I have grown a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and learn how to be content in the current season I am in at this moment.

I have been in a toxic relationship before and being with someone who makes you feel insecure and does not encourage you to grow closer to God is a problem. God did not create us to be in a unequally yoked relationship. So Why do you think there are so many divorces occurring now because many of these people were not meant to be together in the first place. After the creation of Adam and Eve, God gave them both a gift that they both did not realize at the time would help them get kicked of the Garden of Eden, this precious gift that Adam and Eve had abused was free will. Free will allows us all to make good and bad decisions . There are a set of consequences for every action that you make. If you are single and getting really tired of people constantly pestering you about when are you going to get married and have children, the best solution would be to pray. Prayer changes a lot of things and with praying you have to have faith that God will change your circumstances for the better. I am not saying that God will send your helpmate to you the minute after you pray, but you and everyone else in this world will have some trials and tribulations that will test you to see how strong your faith in God really is. If I never would have broken up with my ex, I probably wouldn’t have not considered rededicating my life to Christ and being able to grow and learn how to have spiritual discernment and self control.

If you are wasting your season of singleness on worrying about if you will ever have a husband or wife, then you are in a rude awakening that maybe this fantasy that you are waiting to happen, will not ever occur. There is nothing wrong with having dreams of getting married one day, but marriage is so much more than a spontaneous proposal and a extravagant wedding. Marriage is about being able to compromise with another person and being able to grow with each during your journey together. Marriage is not meant for everyone to be in and some people do not understand that marriage is a commitment or a covenant that is made between a man and a woman. I cherish my time being single because I am learning so much about myself and developing my spiritual relationship with God. Being in a relationship does not define who you are, if you allow the idea of being married consume your mindset, then you are allowing the devil to possibly wreck havoc on your life. Not all singles are content with being by themselves and trying to reinvent themselves in a better way. There are some singles out there who have become desperate and are willing to date about almost anything to just say they are in a relationship. There are plenty of things you can do while single. As a single you have the opportunity to travel the world and network with a variety of individuals across the globe. When you are married and have children, there are limited amount of activities you can do because their might be a budget that you and your spouse can go over or there might be upcoming events you and your family may need to do.

People make it seem like being single correlates to the world ending. If you make your season of singleness negative, then it’s going to be negative. If you surround yourself with positivity and just focus on what you are doing now, you will be fine. I am no expert in how to be a successful single, I can only share my personal experience with being single. I have spent the majority of my life single anyway, so there really is nothing to miss about being a relationship for me, being that I was in one that was not good. How can you miss something that caused you so much heartache and pain. I would rather continue to be single then get into another dead-end relationship where my emotions are always changing and I am worrying about what my significant other is doing. If you can’t learn how to be by yourself then when you get into a relationship, you will be very dependent on the other person and what know what to do with yourself if this person was not in your life anymore. Life moves on, you can’t continue to live in the past. Surround yourself with others who are in the same season as you and can motivate each other to accomplish your  goals and not worry about the what-ifs of life. Being single does not have to be depressing, if can be full of happiness and joy if you want it to be. Maybe being single is a sign that you need some work in certain areas of your life. Sometimes it is not  in our cards at this given moment to be in a relationship. Enjoy your time being single and accomplish as many goals as you can. Life is too short to be worry yourself about things that may or may not never come. Learn how to be content with being single and renew your relationship with God. Everything happens for a reason, just be patient because your reward is coming soon.








  1. Overall it depends on you, your surrounding environment and incidents that had happened in your life …Loving as a single I wouldn’t say it’s a curse it’s our own choice to live ….But we are not the driver of our life vehicle too…If possible you may meet a person whom you like most so does that person too..

  2. Guess what I am single too , not because I don’t look good or nobody likes me. As its my own choice, rather than anyone’s company I enjoy my own. I just have phobia of these relationship, I don’t want to give anyone right to own me. Lovely post!

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