The Reason Why Social Media Helps Ruin Many Relationships

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Many individuals in this modern era tend to believe that posting their significant other on social media solidifies that they are in a serious relationship. People who are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship are known for being the individuals participating in revealing who their boyfriend/girlfriend is. Why does the public need to know who you are in a relationship with. Everyone will not coo and aww over your relationship because most people do not care about you or the person you are with. A picture can be anything what you want it to be. If a couple takes multiple pictures of themselves handing hands and kissing each other, it does not mean that they are really in love. Some people just want everyone to know who they are dating because I guess it gives them some type of relevancy. Posting pics of your bae will not have the same effect on everyone that you follow. If you go on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat you will see a variety of couples showing public affection. I feel as though the world should not know who you are involved with. A boyfriend and girlfriend can come and go just like how the wind blows. When I was in a relationship, I used to think nothing of posting the person I was dating because I wanted to let everyone know that I had someone in my life.

I learned the hard way that sometimes posting a pic of your bae every so often will not help save the relationship if one or both individuals are not working together to try to fix their problems. For instance, there was a couple on Youtube that I was subscribed to. I thought they were such a cute couple and took the best pictures on social media, but I could tell there was a disconnection between the two every time they made a video together and put it on Youtube. I don’t know about you, but I can detect when two people are not suppose to be with each other, it’s like oil and water, they will never mix together. It does not matter if you post your boyfriend or girlfriend as your MCE (Man Crush Everyday) and WCE (Woman Crush Everyday) it does not mean that y’all are meant to be together. Why do so many people waste their time and energy creating pictures that probably are not real and does not reveal what actually is going on in your relationship. No relationship is perfect and everyone has flaws, so why do some people think that if they see a picture of a couple on social media, that it must mean they are happy. A picture can be deceiving to others who do not know what really is going on. There can be a couple who has a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter from taking pictures of themselves, but many of their followers do not know is that the boyfriend is cheating on his girlfriend. His girlfriend has caught him talking to other women on social media and has called him out on it. They have broken up and gotten back together so many times that no can keep track. They have manipulated the public to believe that they are in love, but really but are miserable and don’t really know how to have the confidence to end their relationship and move on with their lives. Is it really worth revealing who you are in a relationship with someone and you do even know if other person is serious about you. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to take a good picture.

I believe the more you reveal parts of your relationship on social media, the more of the chance that someone can use leverage to try to manipulate you to breakup with your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are dating someone, you need to really get to know them and figure out what their intentions are. I do not think it is wise to take a pic of a guy, post him on your timeline, and say this is my boyfriend and you have only been with him for only one month. What possibly can know about someone in just a month a long. There is no way you know who this guy really is. The problem with social media and relationships is that it seems that many people want to be in competition with others. It’s a competition on social media to see which couples can out do the other. Are you really in a relationship just to be able to take a pic and create a caption. If you have this mindset, you have some growing up to do because clearly life is so much more than a hashtag and an emoji. The negative aspect of showing the world who your bae is that, there is this big possibility that you might breakup with this person, now guess what you have taken 1520 pictures with this person, now you have to go delete every single last photo of both of you. It really sucks when you have to do this because after awhile your followers will notice that you don’t post pictures of your significant other anymore. Some of your followers will take it upon themselves to ask what happen and why did you guys breakup, like it’s their God-given right to know what goes in your life. I feel like some couples were only compatible together because everybody else thought that they look good together. Two attractive people can be in a relationship, but it does not mean they are equally yoked for one another.

Some women feel empowered when they post a pic of their man on social media. There is nothing wrong with posting a pic of your bae, boo, or whatever you call him this week, but the question to ask yourself is, is the person you are in a relationship with really compatible with you and are you using social media as a way to gain more attention and to get people to be envious of your relationship. No one should be envious of any individual because we all have flaws, some more than others, but you should not look other people’s relationship and say they are an example of what love looks like. To be honest, there are many couples who have been together for several years and have experienced various issues in their relationship, but you will never know because they don’t share their personal issues on social media. Society automatically knows when which celebrities get a divorce or breakup because they are in the limelight. They are public figures who are known for their craft in the entertainment business. I’m not saying that celebrities are excluded from revealing who they are involved with because some of them jump from one relationship to the next just like other individuals who live normal lives. People who blame social media for their relationship falling apart, really need to reevaluate the actual reason why they had a breakup. Sometimes social media can help people realize that some people are too good to be true and reveal who they really are. At the end of the day, social media does not tear up relationships, people do. If a person wants to act single and they are in a relationship, then they need to be by themselves and don’t tag anyone else along and make them believe they really want to be committed to someone. A relationship is so much more than getting likes on Instagram and Twitter, but about how compatible you are with the person.


  1. A very amazing and good post! And yes, getting likes on instagram is nothing all about it is. Revealing the part of your relationship on social media is not a good idea.
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