Why a Woman Should Not Chase After a Man?

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More and more women have become the hunters in the dating scene and have allowed themselves to believe there is nothing wrong with chasing after a man. Media outlets have manipulated women to believe that there is no harm in a woman approaching or getting the attention of a man because she has the right to go after or get the attention of a man who may hold the same interests as her. Women who make it their mission to pursue a man are not realizing that they are coming off as being desperate and thirsty. In the beginning of time, God created the first man who he named Adam. God had realized that Adam needed a helpmate in life and so he decided to create a woman. God created Eve from one of Adam’s rib and Adam knew the minute he saw Eve that she was his soul mate. In biblical times, if a man was interested in courting a woman, he had to ask the woman’s parents for permission to court her and eventually marry her. Over the centuries, the primary roles of men and women have switched, which means many men have stopped chasing after a woman and women have become aggressive in trying to gain the attention of any man who looks attractive in their eyes. Men are hunters and go after what they want and will wait their time out by being patient and observant to learning how they can obtain a specific thing. A lot of women have become impatient and are not enjoying their time being single and so many of them start to wonder if they ever will get married and have children. Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as a fairy-tale story. It doesn’t matter how many times you have sat and watched various Disney movies showcasing how a particular Disney princess’s dreams came true by her getting married, life does not work that way. In most situations you are going to face plenty of trials and tribulations before you get your rewards in life,  this can only occur if you are willing to change your behavior and learn how to accept your flaws and try not to make same mistakes over and over again.

Why do so many women see being single a problem. I mean how can you expect a man to treat you as if you are a queen if you are acting very thirsty and not allowing a man to do what he was designed to do, which is pursue a woman. When a woman does not know what her self-worth is, she is liable to fall for anything. A lot of women do not realize that men are not emotionally attached and think more logically than emotionally and it takes time for them to grow to love the woman they are in a committed relationship with. Society has influenced women to have the microwave syndrome, in other words, you want everything to come right now and don’t want to wait. If you are constantly calling, texting, and making yourself available to a particular man then why do think this same man will have respect for you. If a woman does not demand a man to respect her and not go over the boundaries she has set for herself, then a man will treat her as if she is a dormant and can run over you any kind of way he choose to do so. Men tend to lose interest fast in a woman who pushes herself on them. Men love a challenge and if you coming off as being an easy target for then they will get what they want from you and move on to their next victim. Men will never have respect for any woman who has no standards for herself. There is no way in Earth that a woman can sleep with a bunch of men and not get attached. Men can have with a bunch of different women and not get attached to none of them women he is being intimate with. Men separate their emotions when they do certain things, that why it is so easy for a men to breakup with a women and get with another one because he was not emotionally attached to that particular woman. Now there are many women in a relationship with a man they pursued, but it does not mean their relationship will lead to marriage. If a women continues to enable a man in a relationship then it will follow suit in a marriage. I’m sure there are plenty of people getting a divorce because someone or both individuals enable each other. A woman has no business asking man out on a date because it is the man’s job to impress you and realize that you are the prize not him. It should be a priviledge for a man to get a woman’s number and take out on a date. Just because a man asks for your number ladies does not mean he has worked for it. I’ve follow suit to doing this as well so I can understand the feeling of when a guy goes out of his way to talk to you, but you should figure out what is his motive for wanting to talk to you. To be honest, a man thinks of a woman as a piece of meat, or sex object initially. Women can think of a man as being attractive and a good person. Do not and I mean do not make yourself vulnerable to a man because there some aspects of yourself you do not need to reveal to a man in the dating process.

There are plenty of relationship experts who will tell a woman to go after a man, but is there really a legitimate reason as to why  a woman should go after a man. A bunny has no reason chasing after the lion, it just looks foolish. There are various reasons why women chase after men, but what real benefit is a woman getting from doing all of this. As a female, I urge all women to not practice pursuing a man because you are putting yourself at there and it is a big chance that you are going to get hurt. Sometimes it can be hard to sit and be patient, but when you take matters into your own hands it will not turn out right. You don’t have to agree with anything I just mentioned, which is fine by me, but think about if the man you are pursuing is really worth it. Some people are too busy chasing after a fantasy and need to come back down to reality. The reality is that women were designed to be desired by a man and be pursued. All that independent and feminist movement stuff is for the birds. Saying you don’t need a man to do anything, is a lie.If you didn’t need a man to do anything for you then why are so many women in our society willing to take desperate measures to find love from any man who will give them some attention. God attend for a man and woman to fall in love with each other.Don’t allow society to define who you are and what your standards should be. If you need help in figuring out your love life, the best options would be to pray God about your concerns and talk to a professional about the issues you are having in your life. There is a deep rooted issue with women with being isnecure of the fact they do not want to be by themselves. When a woman does not value herself, she can potentially make herself available to a man who has no intentions of making her priority. If a man can’t accept you for who you are, then he is not the man for you. If more women would just sit and be content with where they are in their life and not worry about things that may or may not come, they would get things they so desire, but only in due time. God does not work anyone else’s time, but his own. When he feels like you are ready to be presented to a man, then the man will come. You have to have the right mindset and be mature enough to see that maybe it’s not meant for you to be in a relationship right now. Allow God to show you your purpose in life and work on yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then how do you expect anyone else to. A relationship is not going to last if you are broken or the man you are involved with is broken. Two wrongs do not make a right and two lefts make a curve. Don’t believe all the hype media outlets are saying about relationships and that women can pursue men because all of it is full of a bunch of lies and deceitfulness. If you really want to get relationship advice, the bible is a good source to find the answers.

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