Do Raunchy Reality Shows Have A Negative Affect on Your Life?

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Reality shows play a significant role in our society by persuading individuals to believe that acting inappropriately is the best way to get exposure and become an overnight success. Big corporations such as VH1, BET, MTV, Spike, Bravo, and etc make billions of dollars creating a show where the most attention-seeking individuals are handpicked to be on show that is supposed to be followed around by cameras and film their daily lives. Anyone with any common sense should know that reality shows are a televised program that is scripted by the executive producers of that particular network. There is no way possible that many of these reality shows are real because the cast members are paid to act out in a vulgar way. The problem I have with reality shows is that it degrades women in the lowest form and allows female audiences to believe that starting drama with others, fighting, cussing like a sailor, and dressing procavatively is absoutely acceptable. I can not lie and say that I have not viewed reality shows as entertainment because I have also fallen in the trap to believe I can watch raunchy reality shows and still consider myself to be a Chrsitian. For example, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is a show  where women who are in relationships with men in the entertaintainment industry share their drama with millions of viewers. Many of the cast members are not in committed relationships, which means they are not married, have sexual relations with multiple people, baby-momma drama, and waste their time making themselves believe that exploiting themselves on national television is ok because they are getting paid to tell their personal experiences.

Last night, I was on Youtube watching a snippet of the upcoming reunion show of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and I really was disturbed by how the female cast members of the show were depciting themselves by yelling, using profanity, and calling each other names. It is really sad that as a woman, I saw other women acting very immature and childish and not acting like civilzed adults. Almost every female cast member of the Love & Hip Hop franchise has children and it really is ridiculous that these women are not realizing the bad examples they are setting for their children to follow. The things some people will do to get a paycheck is just downright ridiculous. There are other ways to get a paycheck by working hard and finding a legitimate career that will not cause others to get on Instagram and Twitter and leave negative comments on your profile. When you do not know what your self-worth is, of course you will not take in consideration what actual benefit am I getting from being on a raunchy reality shows. Not all reality shows are bad, but I believe it really is no one’s business to what you choose to do with your life. There are consequences to every action you make. Being on a reality show may be rewarding at first because the cast members get a lot of exposure by being featured in magazines, doing meet & greets, interviews, and endorsement deals, but there also is a dark side to being on a reality show. When you put your business out in the open for the entire public to view, you are giving anyone the right to make statements questioning your character. Being scrutinized by millions of people is very humiliating because no one wants to feel as though they are being judged. Cyberbullying has become the new norm and no matter if you are a celebrity or an ordinary person, you do not want anyone making negative remarks about your wellbeing. The initial reaction of most reality stars who get talked about on the internet is to clapback at the “haters” who made the comments. A clapback is to response back to the individual who made negative comments about you and instead of ignoring the comment most people will stoop to the level of the person who made the statement. As you probably know many celebrities are known for doing clapbacks and get so riled up at the fact that a person who does not know them on a personal level was able to get a reaction out of them.

Fornication, alcohol and drug usage, prostituiton, secular music, illigetimate children, STDS, extra- martial affairs, fighting, and promiscuity all are the negative aspects of most reality shows. It really is not wise for anyone to part their mouths to talk about someone on these types of shows because if you can tune in every week to watch a reality show, then you are no better than the person acting a fool on TV. I had to make myself stop watching raunchy reality shows because it was taking control over my life and I started to believe the lie that it’s ok for me to watch this show because my lifeis not being depicted on TV, wrong answer. If you do not support certain things that some individuals participate in, then why do you waste your time watching and supporting these types of shows. If you do not agree with any of the negative aspects I mentioned, then maybe you should take in consideration of stop watching these scripted, money-hungry infused, secular shows. No one has the right to judge anyone because in God’s eyes we all are sinners. I guess some people think that since they haven’t went through certain things that it gives them the right to say whatever they want to say about everyone else. Just think about how you would feel if you were on a show and where publicly humiliated in front of millions of people and see all these outrageous comments made over the internet about you. No one in their right frame of mind would agree with wanting to see people talking about them pretty much everyday.

I can go on and on all day about how negative reality shows really are, but no matter how much information I discuss about this topic, there will still be people who will still continue to support these TV networks by watching their shows. I have nothing against anyone who is a cast member on a reality show. Many children are observing the behavior of reality shows and making themselves believe it is normal. Children will always mimic behaviorial traits from parents and other individuals they are around frequently. If you are allowing your child to watch reality shows, what examples are setting for  your children because if you continue to allow them to watch these risque televised programs then evetually your child will start to act as the character on the show. At the end of the day, individuals are not getting on a reality show for free and are told how they should act by the producers. Reality shows are just like movies, which means actors get paid to act in plays, movies, and even televison shows. How many times have you watched a particular reality show and always wonder why is it at a certain point in the episode why is everyone screaming, yelling and fighting. TV networks only care about the ratings and the more ratings they can get, the more money they make. Social media has become the gateway for multiple tv networks to search for the next infamous star who will bring more cash into the pockets of their company. How many reality stars do you know when after their show discontinued or the ratings went down, you haven’t heard anything else from them again. TV networks work the same way as many music labels, they want to find the next puppet, I mean the next person they want to mold into a new character that the public will gravitate to. The fame and everything else that comes with being a reality star is not all cake and ice-cream. Being a reality star can be either rewarding or harmful depending on what type of show the producers of the tv network are trying to make. Remember that reality shows are false interpretations of what life really is. Life is so much more than being on a televison show and selling your soul to get a paycheck.

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