Fasting for the First Time

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I have recently joined an organization called Pinky Promise which was created for Christian women to learn how to enhance their relationship with God and share their testimonies with other women apart of their local, national or international Pinky Promise small groups. Heather Lindsey, the founder of Pinky Promise, started this empowering and spiritually driven network by creating bracelets online as a vessel to empower women to keep their faith in God and no matter how many trials and tribulations they go through God is right beside them cheering them on. Heather Lindsey also has a YouTube channel with over 60,000 subscribers and makes videos each month which includes: monthly bible studies, sermons, motherhood advice, and etc. I have been a subscriber of Heather Lindsey’s channel for almost a year now and really have enjoyed watching various videos her talking about her testimony and how God changed her life for the better. Each and every year Heather and her husband Cornelius host the Pinky Promise Conference, where thousands of women come together in Atlanta, Georgia in mid July attend a weekend filled with various activities such as 24-hour prayer services, Zumba classes, Q&A session with Heather and Cornelius, business seminars, and guest speakers sharing their testimony with the Pinky Promise community.

Recently I have joined a small group through Pinky Promise where different women from across the globe have come together to motivate each other to get closer to God. Being apart of this small group has changed my life and I am so glad that I have sisters in Christ, who I can talk to about pretty much anything without feeling judged. My Pinky Promise sisters and I talk on a daily basis and just give each other advice on certain areas in our lives. One of my PP sisters suggested that everyone in the group should consider fasting because we all want to learn how to hear God’s voice and just know what our purposes are. We all agreed to fast on November 2nd, 2016 from 6am to 6pm. I agreed to fast because I wanted to do something different and I felt deep down that I need to take action over my life and not allow my flesh to have power over me. On the day of the fast, I was determined and inspired by PP sisters to fast all day, pray, and drink plenty of water. The fast went a lot better for me than I initially thought it would be. I was very surprised on much self-control I had in me. Each hour of the day, my PP sisters and I texted each other just to let each other know to not give up and when feel like stopping, pray to God for assurance. It was the most rejuvenating experience I have ever been apart of. To be honest, I never would have made the decision on my own to fast. I am so glad that I have sisters who are there for me when I need someone to talk to or just need reassurance on a certain situation I am currently in. Thank the Lord that none of us had passed out or gotten sick from fasting. It was a big accomplishment for us all to share this moment with each other and will never forget this experience. I recommend fasting to all believers of God because it is a good way to get spiritual clarity on your life and to build a better relationship with God. Also, it is best if you are planning on fasting to drink plenty of water and do not fast if you are pregnant or having your menstrual cycle. I hope my fasting experience enlightens people on the topic of fasting and encourage someone to consider fasting. May God bless you all.

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