Does College Truly Prepare You to Face Challenges in the Real World?

Many people have created the perception of college being an environment where it will teach them how to become adults and how to deal with a variety of situations they will encounter eventually later down the road in life. College, in my opinion, does not prepare you for the real

How to Overcome Having a Bad Job Experience

Applying for jobs can not only be stressful, repetitive, and very annoying due to the fact you might have to wait a few weeks or a couple months before you will hear anything back from the human resources department at a particular company you filled out a job application with.

How Can the Beatitudes Be Applied to Your Daily Life?

The beatitudes are considered to be powerful declarations made by Jesus Christ when he preached the gospel on the Mount. In Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus talks about eight declarations that every believer should work on if they would like to enter the gates of Heaven one day. Jesus wanted to make

What Did the U.S Senate Election Between Doug Jones and Roy Moore Teach Americans?

Normally, on this platform I tend to forgo discussing politics because it can get a little controversial and many people might get offended because of the issues that they believe needs to be fixed within the United States. As a native and resident of the state of Alabama, I experienced

Why Is There a Lack of Emotional Connections in Families?

Do you ever feel as though when you are around certain family members that there is a connection that you lack with them and instead of having a strong bond with them it seems as if you tolerate them because they are related to you? If you have never actually

What Every First-Time Traveler Should Expect When Going to the Airport and Getting to Their Destination?

Being a first-time airplane traveler might come as a surprise to many people in our society today because most individuals travel nationally and internationally for personal reasons or for job purposes. There are people who have a phobia of traveling on an airplane to get to a certain destination because

How the Process of Reaching Success is More Life-Rewarding than the Benefits You Receive After Becoming Successful?

Every human being has their own set of aspirations and dreams that pushes them to be successful in a certain aspect of their professional and personal lives. There are people who have been working diligently every single day to accomplish their goals by giving themselves a timeline that details what

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