How to Avoid Temptation While in College?

Most incoming freshmen at various universities across the United States and the globe will come across many tempting activities to participate during their fall and spring semesters. Many college students have easy access to party, drink, do drugs, have sexual encounters, and other raunchy activities to participate in on campus.

Are Beauty Pageants Manipulating Women To Believe that Physical Appearance is More Important Than Being Intelligent?

Each year major television programs host beauty pageants for women across the globe to participate in various competitions where they will be judged based off their physical attributes, ability to have a formal discussion about matters occurring in our society, and showcasing their hidden talents to the audience. Beauty pageants

What Are the Advantages of Joining a Small Group Within Church?

Within various churches across the United States and other countries there are organizations that church members can join to fellowship with others and to build a stronger relationship with God. Many churches have taken notice to the fact that the majority of their church family enjoys interacting with one another

Does Academic Grades and Grade Point Averages Determine if an Individual Is Intelligent and Is More Prone to Succeed in Life?

The education system tends to measure a student’s intelligence level by their academic grades and their overall grade point average. Many people tend to make stereotypes that if a person has a high G.P.A and makes mostly A’s or B’s then they are more prone to be successful in life

Why Is It a Bad Idea to Share Your Dreams and Aspirations with Everyone You Know?

Every individual has their own set of goals and aspirations they would like to achieve in the near future and one of the most common mistakes people can make when deciding what endeavors to pursue in their life is by sharing their future plans with the wrong people or just

What Major Key-Components Should a Godly Friendship Have and Why is This Type of Friendship Needed More in Our Society?

A godly friendship is a connection that an individual has with another person or more based on their spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ. Most friendships in our society today are not centered around God because there are people who feel as though having a relationship based off of worldly

How to Avoid Getting Senioritis During Your Last Year of College

This upcoming school term, many college students will be graduating in the fall and next spring and it can be very easy to eventually stop going to class as you did during your previous years in college and choosing to not turn assignments in due to having senioritis, which is

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