The Untold Truth About Student Loans

What are student loans and why is it such a necessity for individuals interested in attending college and earning a college degree? A student loan is a loan that was created by a credit bureau agency or the federal government to help students pay for their post-secondary fees. Student loans

Is There a Need for Female Millennials to Become Spiritual Leaders in Our Society?

Female millennials are gradually becoming more involved in our society by furthering their education to get the job of their dreams as well as learning how to be become leaders who will strive to see more women get the same opportunities as men. In the Christian community, there is a

What is Church Hurt and Why Do So Many Christians Experience It?

There are so many people who refuse to attend church or have a relationship with God because they have personally encountered disrespect from individuals of a specific church. A person who has experienced church hurt might have good intentions to become an active member within their church but maybe a

Why Are Some Spiritual Leaders Against Christians Who Choose to Watch Sermons on TV and Online Instead of Attending Church?

 I am sure that there are quite a few believers in God who might have attended a church service where a pastor spent a consecutive amount of time during their sermon discussing why they are against people who make no attempt to come to church and choose to stay at

Your Dream, God’s Plan is a True Definition of How to be Inspired to Do Whatever God Has Set For You To Accomplish In Life

Tiffany Smiling’s book, “Your Dream, God’s Plan” is about how believers in God should put aside their worldly desires to seek a life that is selfless and working to help people who are in need in hearing and seeing God work in their life for the better. There are so

Does College Truly Prepare You to Face Challenges in the Real World?

Many people have created the perception of college being an environment where it will teach them how to become adults and how to deal with a variety of situations they will encounter eventually later down the road in life. College, in my opinion, does not prepare you for the real

How to Overcome Having a Bad Job Experience

Applying for jobs can not only be stressful, repetitive, and very annoying due to the fact you might have to wait a few weeks or a couple months before you will hear anything back from the human resources department at a particular company you filled out a job application with.

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